J. Brutus and Lentulus Spinther.
Military mint, 43-42 BC.
AR denarius, 3.75 gr.

Obv: BRUTUS; axe, culullus and knife.

Rev. LENTULUS SPINT; jug and lituus.

Ref: Babelon Junia 41 and Cornelia 71; Sydenham 1310; Crawford 500/7.

Rare. Virtually as struck and almost Fdc.

€ 7.000

Rome, 42-43 AD.
Æ sestertius, 29.8 gr.

Obv: TI•CLAVDIVS• CAESAR•AVG•P•MT•R P IMP•P•P•; laureate head of Claudius to the right.

Rev: EX•SC•P•P OB•CIVES SERVATOS; in four lines within oak wreath.

Ref: RIC I 112; BMC 186.

Gray and brown patina, a few areas of minor roughness. Excellent portrait. Choice very fine.

€ 12.000

Ex Laurens Schulman 19 (1997), lot 1432.

Rome, 134-138 AD.
AR denarius, 3.10 gr.

Obv: HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P; laureate head of Hadrian to the right.

Rev: AEGYPTOS; Egypt reclining to the left, with sistrum and resting left arm on basket; in front: ibis.

Ref: RIC 297; BMC 797.

Rare. Well centred on full flan, iridescent tone. Extremely fine.

€ 800

Ex Bally-Herzog collection; ex M&M 93 (2003), lot 157.

Antoninus Pius.
Rome, ca. 145-161 AD.
AU aureus, 7.38 gr.

Obv: ANTONINUS AUG PIUS P P TR P COS IIII; laureate head of Antoninus Pius to the left.

Rev: Minerva standing to the left, holding Victory and resting hand on shield; spear against left arm.

Ref: RIC 158; Calicò 1460 (this obverse die); BMC 587 note.

Very rare. A superb portrait of fine style, original lustre. Good extremely fine.

€ 16.000

Marcus Aurelius.
Rome, 168 AD.
Æ medaillon, 51.67 gr.

Obv: M ANTONINUS AVG ARM PARTH MAX; laureate, draped bust of Marcus Aurelius

Rev: TR P XXII IMP IIII COS III; Jupiter standing to the left, with lightingbolt and sceptre, flanked by Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus.

Ref: Cohen 886; Gnecchi 52, Tv. 63, 3 (this coin).

Rare. Riverine pati­na. Impressive and attractive specimen. Good very fine.

€ 25.000

Ex Niklovitz collection; ex Auktion L. Hamburger, Frankfurt, 19-10-1925 and from the Berliner Münzkabinett (sold in 1910 as doublet). Ex Leu 71 (1997), lot 405.

Rome, 181 AD.
Æ sestertius, 22.66 gr.

Obv: M COMMODUS ANTONINUS AUG; laureate, draped bust of Commodus to the right.

Rev: ANN AUG TR P VI IMP IIII COS III P P; Annona standing to the left, holding cornucopia in left hand and in right grain ears over modius; in fields: SC .

Ref: BMC 45; RIC 307a.

An unusual portrait, brown tone. Nearly extremely fine.

€ 2.750

Ex Signorelli collection. Ex Glendining & Seaby 1 (1927), lot 254; ex Auctiones 17 (1988), lot 647.

Clodius Albinus.
Rome, 193-195 AD.
AR denarius, AR 3.95 gr.

Obv: D CLOD SEPT ALBIN CAES; bare head of Clodius Albinus to the right.

Rev: FELICITA S COS II; Felicitas, draped and diademed, standing to the left, with long sceptre and caduceus.

Ref: RIC 4a; BMC 91.

Wonderful old cabinet tone. Extremely fine.

€ 1.100

Ex Gorny & Mosch 215 (2013), lot 234; ex Peus 396 (2008), lot 621.

Septimius Severus.
Rome, 194-195 AD.
AE sestertius, 22.43 gr.

Obv: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP III; laureate, cuirassed bust of Septimius Severus to the right, drapery on left shoulder.

Rev: AFRICA ; S C Africa, wearing elephant's skin headdress, standing right, holding corn-ears; at her feet to right, lion walking to the right; in fields: S C.

Ref: RIC 668; BMC 508.

A powerful, early, portrait and an attractive brown patina. Good very fine.

€ 1.350

Ex Stoecklin collection, acquired from Bank Leu in Zürich; ex M. Collignon collection; ex Naville II, June 1922, lot 1097.

Geta as caesar.
Laodicea, 205-207 AD. AR tetradrachm, 13.34 gr.

Obv: KAICAP• ΓЄTAC; bareheaded and cuirassed bust of Geta to the right, paludamentum on left shoulder.

Rev: eagle standing facing, head and tail to the right, wings spread; star between legs.

Ref: Prieur 1135.

Rare with this bust. Nearly extremely fine.

€ 1.750

Ravenna, 402-406 AD.
AU solidus, 4.47 gr.

Obv: DN HONORIVS P F AVG; draped, cuirasssed bust of Honorius with pearl diadem to the right.

Rev: VICTORIA AVGGG; the emperor in uniform, standing to the right, in left hand Victoria with wreath on globe, labarum in right hand; his left foot on captive sitting left with bound hands; in fields: R V; in exergue: COMOB.

Ref: RIC 1287; DOC 736; Depeyrot II, 188, 7/1.
Delicate golden patina. Extremely fine.

€ 1.500