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Welcome at Agora Ancient Coins

Agora Ancient Coins is the webshop of Agora Numismatics.
This website is completely devoted to high grade and rare ancient Greek coins, Roman coins and Byzantine coins. You will also find here links to other interesting websites concerning ancient coins.

Traditionally coins often mark important events in history. This makes coins a tangible remnant of times gone by. Every period in classical history has its own charm for a collector. With Greek coins it is especially about aesthetic beauty, the craftsmanship of the artist and the visual development of the arts. Roman coins give an insight in the political and social economic development of the Roman Empire and tell stories of the customs and traditions of the Romans. The Byzantine coins form the bridge between the Classical World and the Middle Ages and a numismatist can’t get enough of the questions posed by the more than thousand years of coinage of this empire.

Let Agora Numismatics accompany you and support you with advice and information on this interesting journey through the Classical World.

When collecting high grade and rare ancient coins and creating a collection with patrimonium value, it is not only the artistic beauty and the state of preservation that is important, but also the mutual relationship which the coins have in the collection and their historical value.
A collection of ancient coins, composed with care and knowledge gives, a lasting picture of a period in ancient history and has many points of contact with our present society. Because of this a collection of ancient coins is a source of inspiration, joy and fascination for its owner. Moreover, a collection of ancient coins that pairs quality to rarity can be a stable diversification in a securitiesportfolio.

All our coins sre guaranteed indefinitly, come with a certificate of authenticity and have an unambiguous provenance. Agora Numismatiek is a corresponding member of the "Verband der Deutschen Münzhändler" and is also a member of the "Koninklijk Nederlands Geenootschap voor Munt- en Penningkunde".